Author: Marion Prescott

Taming your toddlers’ anger

Taming your toddlers’ anger


 From time-to-time toddlers throw temper tantrums causing the parent to get upset, embarrassed, and feeling low in front of others best double stroller, especially when you are surrounded by people. Sometimes the tantrums end very soon but there are times in which it even lasts long. This transition from a giggling baby to an angry tantrum makeshift happens in seconds.


One reason is that they are trying to communicate but don’t have the vocabulary to speak. This leads to frustration and then anger. But studies have proved that once they start socializing with other kids this behavior changes. So it is necessary to teach the kids to share and care for each other. Parenting  a toddler is not an easy task.

5 things to understand about toddlers before you try to tame their tantrums


 What are the main reasons for the tantrums?


  • Doing an action and failing in it-The child would have noticed the parent doing something. Immediately he /she tries to imitate it Babyjourney. And when they fail they get frustrated and rose into tantrums.
  • Not being given something which they are really in need of-If it is not risky, allow your child to keep the things which he requires
  • Mothers giving not importance to them-When the mother’s attention changes to the tv monitor or phone screen, they will find it hard to digest that their mother is not noticing them.
  • Feeling hungry and tired-Always feed the child at the correct time.
  • Feeling sick-Carry the usual medicines wherever you go.
  • Changes in the normal routine of the baby


What can you do?


You can start teaching them the basics and manners. But they are toddlers. They are in an age of exploring things. So you cannot make them separate from the things around you. They cannot follow rules so whenever they need things; if it’s not harmful to them, allow them to experience them.


It is a time when a child starts to communicate their likes and dislikes and act independently. Here they get eager to assert themselves and communicate .so listen to them.

10 Things to help you dealing with angry child


Don’t hurt yourself and your child


If you shout, the child gets affected badly, and seeing that you may also feel hurt. The child may hit, catch your hair, pinch your face or beat but this doesn’t mean to hurt you biting grabbing shaping dropping things, and unusually behaving everything are part of their exploring.


 Terrible threes and terrorist fours


Yeah they don’t get self-control .They express their empathy and emotions by acting weird. You cannot make them sit in a place and there are many chances of an accident happening at this stage. So what you can do is control your emotions. Always watch on your behaviour Express your anger quietly and peacefully rather than shouting at the child.


 Praise the child


Tell the child some great words like good job! Congratulations! you are doing great! reinforcing your child by praising their behaviour will lead to resolving the issues.

So the parent must remain calm and quiet and give your child a stable secure and full of Joyous life to ease out the temper tantrums.

The 5 commandments to educate your children

Discover what you can not miss in the education of your children.

Don’t decide for them

For children to develop self-confidence, they need to learn to make their own decisions. If parents always decide for them, they will not have the opportunity to develop their tastes or make their own mistakes. As a result, they will become little dependent and insecure. Therefore, it is convenient that from a young age we ask them what they prefer and that, as far as possible, we respect their preferences and decisions.

Let them make their own mistakes

Mistakes are not failures but learning opportunities. Every time the child makes a mistake and tries again, he will be developing perseverance, he is becoming a more resilient person. So we must let children learn on their own, make their own mistakes, and give them help only when they really need it. That is one of the greatest gifts we can give you.

Give them obligations

Childhood is a precious time and should not be characterized by worry and stress. However, that does not mean that parents should not develop responsibility from an early stage. In fact, it is convenient to give obligations to children, according to their age and without these representing excessive pressure.

Live with them, not on them

In recent years , a style of parenting has developed that involves constantly being over children, either by organizing their agenda or overprotecting them excessively. However, this parenting style is exhausting on parents and overwhelms children. On the contrary, a healthy and developing relationship is one in which everyone enjoys the company and the identity of each person is respected, even if it is a small child.

Set a good example

The idea of ​​”do what I say, not what I do” does not work with children. It is not possible to pretend that the little ones do not scream if the parents raise their voices continuously or that they do not lie if they hear their parents falsify the truth. The key lies in being the person we would like our child to become, we must remember that when it comes to educating in values, examples are worth a thousand words.